DIGI-LMS is a management system for education, vocational guidance and quality assessment.


    DIGI-LO refers to digital learning contents to emphasize and improve the educational effectiveness of e-learning systems.


    DIGI-Tutorship refers to software for the delivery process that facilitates teaching and tutoring activities.


    DIGI-MED includes digital tools of analysis, measurement and self-evaluation of digital competencies/capabilities in digital education.

  • DIGI-Q

    DIGI-Q means design and development of management system and self-evaluation of quality in VET for institutions and training providers.


    DIGI-Research refers to the development of research projects in the industrial field.


    EDUMAT+ è un protocollo di sperimentazione educativa sull'uso delle STEAM e del coding sui temi dell'Agenda ONU 2030, attraverso l'Information Design.


DIGIZEN provides packages that are structured in modules. For each of them products and services are offered, with possible assistance and tiling to the client.

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Discover services dedicated to research: DIGI-Q and DIGI-RESEARCH


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